Luciana, 19, Brazil.
This tumblr is just a simple homage to the Backstreet Boys, and respective members individually.
oneofakindlinkinpark: i totally love this BSB blog, you are doing an awesome job on making awesome BSB edits and stuff! love all of them. im a huge bsb fan and i just love to look at your stuff, reminds me why they so awesome.

OMFG, really? Ok. I had to pinch myself several times to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming about your comment. Seriously, you made ​​my day, the month, the year… Everything that I do here are just simple little things from a BSB fan, to the BSB, and BSB army, to PEOPLE LIKE YOU. All I want is share this love with you guys, and I really appreciate the kindness and caring of you, and all the welcome I received when I decided to create this tumblr. I’m sorry about my awful English, but all I want to say is THANK YOU SO MUCH, I REALLY CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH.

cgarar: omg, THANK YOU for posting those two last pictures, you just made my day!

Awn, this is amazing. In part, this was the intention, and  I’m very happy to have achieved it. You’re welcome, dear.